How To Enable Split Screen Feature On Microsoft Surface Pro Of 2022


Locate your Apache httpd.cof or apache24.conf configuration file if you are using a single instance. Here is an example of using the keys in an nginx server block. Enter the password for the root SSL certificate when prompted. We are going to use the Microsoft Management Console to trust the root SSL certificate. Which we will use to issue the new site certificates.

This is especially dangerous if you have passwords saved in your browser or you have your password manager set to automatically log in. Whoever is using your computer will have access to all your accounts and passwords! Once you get the apps you use installed, you can flip this switch to block new apps from running without your express permission. If you select “Allow apps from the Store only”, you’ll still be able to run all the desktop apps you’ve already installed. However, if you download an .exe file or other app from the Internet and try to run or install it, you’ll see a message saying the installation was blocked.

If you want Microsoft Photos to be your default photos app, but need JPEG files to always open in Adobe Photoshop webservices_dll, you can configure this with a file type association. Find the “.jpeg” file extension in the “Choose default applications by file type” list and click the displayed app name to change the default. The impact of the change will vary depending on the app category.

You must head to the Task Manager and check the processes tab to determine if it has been consuming the CPU space. If it has been occupying the space, you have to follow the given options to disable Runtime Broker. Therefore, if you are not sure of your capability to do it alone, we recommend professional help. However, Windows 10/11 users have to follow an additional set of methods due to computer overheat problems that have accompanied that Windows upgrade.

  • Not only is Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder completely free, it is also one of the best lightweight software to take scrolling screenshots of webpages on Windows 10.
  • This is where Snipping Tool in Windows 10 differs from earlier versions.
  • We’ve included steps for each process so that you can get the one that you want.

At the Security tab, highlight the Trusted sites and click Sites. Type in the username under Enter the object names to select. Look for your username and see if you have Full control.

Current Switch Games

Clicked the top bar, dragged into to the right, but nothing changed when it touched the right hand screen. Open the programs that you want to arrange on your Windows XP screen. Thus your screen is divided into two parts and you can see both your applications simultaneously. Both the windows will get adjusted side-by-side each taking half of the screen area.

Migrate Your Os To Ssd With Minitool Partition Wizard

You can also use Powershell to execute the DISM Command. Clean Boot Into WindowsNow on the System Configuration page, you need to click on the Services tab and check the option ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’. Now click on the ‘Disable all’ button to disable all startup services from the list.


The game may show a black screen if the boot file of the game is not properly configured. In this scenario, editing the Boot Configuration file of the game may solve the problem. Now clear out any malware reported by Malwarebytes and then check if the game is clear of the black screen issue .


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